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What does Jiris offer?

Jiris takes complete care of your travel plans, from A-Z. Jiris is your one stop shop for all your travel related products. We provide the following services.



A vital document for your travels. It's completely alright if you don't have one, we will help you procure your passport smoothly.



We help by assisting you with the documents and applications related to the respective visas.



It is necessary to safeguard yourself and your belongings while traveling. At Jiris, we list out various insurance plans for you to choose from that match your specific requirements.



Jiris provides you the best offers for your flight reservations. We also give you the best routing solutions for all destinations.



Be it an airport transfer or a point-to-point transfer, or if you need to rent a car for your holiday or business purposes, we assist you by providing a plethora of options for you to choose from.



Facing a dilemma in choosing an appropriate hotel for your vacation? Do you want to be in the ‘happening’ district? Are you finding it difficult to grab your dream suite? Worry less when Jiris is around. We take extra care in bringing you bright accommodations for your dream vacation or business travel.



We travel to explore, to learn about the vivid cultures across the world and to experience the best of each place. A vacation is all about taking a break from your day to day routine and doing something different that is memorable and remarkable. Jiris organises trips for all age groups, keeping in mind their specific requirements.



In Europe, instead of spending a fortune flying from one country to another, take the Eurail. Traveling by train is much fun, especially when you traverse those scenic routes. The Eurail makes your European holidays picturesque and fun-filled.



What a great adventure it is to board a cruiseliner in one country and disembark in a different country, spending all your time in between just having fun and getting pampered! We offer a large variety of cruise options to choose from and you can navigate the most exotic sailing routes in your dream vessel.


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