Phuket-an island that beckons you to its shores with its breath-taking beauty. An island that presents a splendid amalgamation of history, nature, and adventure. An island that will have you smitten with its culture and serenity, an island you couldn’t get enough of!


Phuket is not just any ordinary beach destination. When you plan a vacation in this city, your itinerary might require quite some days to cover at least half of what Phuket has to offer. And if you do want to explore the length and breadth of this city entirely, we might need a separate forum to discuss the innumerable things you can do in Phuket. 

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and, needless to say, this large island definitely has a large list of ‘things to do’. To help you pick the best attractions and experiences for your vacation, we’ve compiled a list of hundred things to do in Phuket. Go on and pick what befits your itinerary from this exciting list. Of course, your trip could be filled with a lot more enthusiasm, experiences and memories if you can fit all below mentioned things into your vacation. So, don’t shy away from putting a tick against everything mentioned below. 


  • Unwind by the Soothing Emerald WatersThe tropical island of Phuket has a bunch of gorgeous beaches waiting to be explored. So, let the long stretches of scenic powdery beaches and emerald blue waters of Phuket mesmerize you.
  • Freedom Beach: As the name suggests, if you’re looking for some freedom from the hustle-bustle of city life, Freedom Beach it is! The way to this unspoiled 300m strip of beach is filled with adventure and thrill. You will have to hike through a thick but safe jungle to get a glimpse of the clear, turquoise waters.
  • Patong Beach: Famous for its watersports and nightlife, this beach is popular as a hub for youngsters. You can go snorkeling, wakeboarding or even surfing in the northern end of Patong Beach as the waves there can be quite fast and open to the wind. Do not miss the exciting nightlife of Patong that features a number of bars, pubs and nightclubs.
  • Nai Harn: If you are looking for a quiet beach in Phuket, look no more! The shallow waters of Nai Harn makes it the perfect beach for families with kids. Nestled in the green hills, the beach offers a picturesque view of clear blue waters. Visit the southern part of Nai Harn to see a beautiful stream pass by the beach.
  • Kata Noi Beach: Kata Noi is one of the smaller beaches in Phuket. With its powdery sand, clear waters and lush green jungles, this beach makes for an ideal destination to spend a few leisurely hours in the sun. Banana boat rides are one of the most popular things to do here. The rocks at the southern end of Kata Noi also offer a brilliant view of tropical fish and coral reefs while snorkeling. 
  • Kata Beach: Soak in the glory of the sun while you lay on the soft white sand. The 1.5 km long stretch of the beach is flanked by towering palm trees and adorned with chic cafes and restaurants. From water sports to relaxing spas, the beach has something in store for all types of travelers. 


  • Experience the beautiful divinity of Buddha in the temples 

Thailand’s temples are a proof of the serenity you will experience, the moment you set foot here. The temples offer a peek at the unique architectural styles against the stunning backdrop of hilltops and riversides. 


  • Chalong Temple: Wat Chalong is the largest and most revered Buddhist temple in Phuket. Locals come here to pray everyday while travellers visit this temple to learn about Buddhism and its history. The walls and ceilings display surreal paintings that take you through Lord Buddha’s life. The tallest stupa (chedi) of Wat Chalong still preserves a bone fragment of Lord Buddha. 
  • Phuket Big Buddha: Phuket’s Great Buddha is one of the most important landmarks in the city. This Buddha Statue is 45 meters tall and sits atop the Nakkerd Hills. You can catch a glimpse of its magnificence even from Phuket Town and Karon Beach. This lofty site offers stunning panoramic views of Phuket Town, Kata, Karon, Chalong Bay and more! 
  • Wat Putta Mongkon: Wat Putta Mongkon features Sino-Portuguese style of architecture and a roof with elaborate decorations. The temple grounds are also home to a beautiful garden where several trees are adorned with Buddhist principles written on scriptures. Don’t forget to visit the yellow chedi which is located right behind the temple. 
  • Doi Thepnimit: Doi Thepnimit is a small, yet alluring temple that looks over Patong Beach. This temple might find you admiring its carvings and architecture for hours at a stretch. The beauty of the chedi is accentuated with a vibrant seven heads Naga and other mythological characters. 
  • Wat Khao Rang: Wat Khao Rang is situated on the popular Khao Rang Hill in Phuket. The golden statue of a seated Buddha was the first of its kind in this city. This temple will enrapture your heart with the Thai art forms and traditional carvings on the doors and roof. Make sure you catch a glimpse of the statue of Yommaraj (The Lord of Death) and other characters from Thai mythology. 


  • Visit the Night Markets in Phuket

If you’re wondering why the night markets need a special place on your itinerary, here’s why-the night markets in Phuket offer a festive ambiance to enjoy the shopping experience. Street performances and live music keeps the marketplace buzzing with tourists and locals. The markets display a wide variety of Thai handicrafts, modern-day clothing, accessories and a lot more with a great deal of bargaining, ofcourse. You can also find a lot of vendors selling fresh fruits and local Thai food here.
In a nutshell, Phuket’s night markets are a stunning place to devour Thai treats, catch some soothing live music and shop to your heart’s content in a pleasant and cool atmosphere. 

  • Phuket Walking Street: Every Sunday evening, Thalang Road in Phuket Old Town takes the shape of a vibrant and lively market. From local handicrafts to delicious Thai food, you can find everything here. With the presence of toy stalls, musical performances and other entertainment acts, this market is a kid-friendly destination as well! Don’t forget to try the barbecued squid, chicken and pork here. 
  • Chillva Market: The pleasant and bohemian vibe of Chillva Market will keep you here for hours. The market is a beautiful display of fashion, food and hand-made items. You can also find a small stage and amphitheatre here where live performances happen in full swing. 
  • Phuket Weekend Market: Located along the Chao Fa West Road, right outside Phuket Town, Phuket Weekend Market is the biggest night market in Phuket. The market has an open section and a covered one. You can find a large variety of second-hand goods and an extensive collection of jeans, T-shirts, souvenirs and curios in the covered section. The open section features jewellery, accessories, mobiles, electronics, DVDs and a lot more. Of course, there are some local thai treats too! From exotic fruits to fishcakes, you can savor authentic Thai flavors here. 
  • Malin Plaza Platong: Malin Plaza Patong is a brilliant market to sample Thai food at cheap prices and explore a wide range of souvenirs. The market is particularly famous for its food stalls in front of the roofed space. A few things you should definitely try here are fried chicken, crepes, ice cream, sushi, 90 Baht cocktails and fresh fruits. 
  • OTOP Night Market: OTOP stands for ‘One Tambon One Product’. The OTOP Market believes in promoting local products by picking a superior product from each district (tambon) across Thailand. OTOP then, brands it as its own product. You will find plenty of traditional handicrafts, silk garments, cotton wear, accessories, and regional food items. 


  • Take a stroll down Bangla Road

Neon lights, loud music and cheap beer-Bangla Road is packed with clubs, bars, restaurants and cafes. The road is a major hit among locals and tourists because of the live performances that lend a lot of zest, excitement and thrill to this place. Marvel at Phuket’s exciting nightlife or enjoy some great music at beer bars, Bangla Road is bound to make your trip lively and energetic. 


  • Marvel at Phuket’s beauty from these viewpoints island of Phuket opens to mesmerizing views which are bound to find you gaping at the stunning landscape of this city. Whether you want to catch a glimpse of the sunset, take panoramic shots of the scenery or get a bird’s eye view of Phuket’s sprawling natural beauty, Here are a few viewpoints that will sweep you off your feet. 
  • Karon Beach Viewpoint: Situated between the beaches of Kata Noi and Nai Harn, this viewpoint offers a breath-taking view of Kata Noi, Kata Yai and Karon. This point makes for a great place to click some panoramic shots of Phuket’s beauty. 
  • Phuket Big Buddha: The Big Buddha is one of the most revered landmarks in the city. The 45 metre tall statue of Buddha sits on top of the Nakkerd Hill and offers breath-taking views of Phuket Town, Kata, Karon, Chalong Bay and more. The picturesque views coupled with the divinity of Lord Buddha makes it one of the best places to experience peace and quiet in Phuket. 
  • The Windmill Viewpoint: This point gives you a splendid glimpse of Ya Nui Beach and the bay of Nai Harn. The Windmill point gets its name from the massive white windmill that is visible even from a large distance. You can click some beautiful photographs against the picturesque backdrop of lush greenery and emerald green waters. 
  • Promthep Cape Viewpoint: While some visit this place exclusively for the sunset, you can also witness the distinct shapes of Phi Phi Islands, Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi from here. You can also spot a lighthouse that displays historical maritime artefacts. 
  • Black Rock Viewpoint: Getting to the Black Rock Viewpoint makes for an interesting adventure. You might need a car or motorbike and some energy to walk a little bit to reach this point. However, the toil is worth the view! You can enjoy a bird’s eye view of Promthep Cape, Nai Harn Beach and many other islands. 


  • Sunbathe all day long at these beach clubsImagine yourself soaking up the sun at a chic and modern restaurant or bar, set up near the beach. The evening comes with breath-taking views of the sunset and refreshing cocktails prepared by seasoned barmen. Your day ends with an exciting party with international DJs.
    Beach clubs in Phuket are a perfect addition to your holiday. Well, nothing beats the comfort of lounging on a beach chair and treating yourself to a soothing ambiance, tropical cocktails and delicious food.  
  • Catch Beach Club: Catch was the first to start the fad of beach clubs in Phuket. Catch Beach Club near Sunwing Resort in Bangtao is a great place for families with kids. You can enjoy some refreshing cocktails on the beach while your kids have their own share of fun at the ‘Kid’s Club’. You will also find an exciting menu of cocktails, wine and tapas here. 
  • Pine Beach Bar: Pine Beach Club is the latest one in Phuket. This beach club offers direct access to the beach. Sip on some tropical cocktails or enjoy the delectable food by an alluring view, Pine Bar makes for a great place to unwind and relax. After sunset, the beach club is taken over by DJs and an exhilarating fire show. 
  • Xana Beach Club: You can spot Xana Beach Club on Bangtao Beach. The immaculate white decor, private salas (cabanas) and a beautiful swim-up bar create a pleasant ambiance to enjoy the experience offered by Xana. You can also enjoy signature mojitos and classic cocktails with a wide range of tapas, Mediterranean, European and Thai cuisine. 
  • Coast Beach Club: Coast Beach Club at Centara Grand Beach Resort features a cocktail bar and a casual restaurant with a soothing laid back vibe. The club is particularly famous for its fine cuisine with lobster, tuna and barbecued lamb served as daily specials. Coast also hosts a variety of performers like singers, magicians and acrobats.


  • Explore the lively Phuket Old Town 

Phuket Old Town is a treasure trove of provincial charms. The streets are flanked by Sino-Portuguese style shophouses with arcades and you will spot Chinese shrines more than Buddhist temples here. Despite the rustic charm it retains, Phuket Old Town is constantly evolving with restaurants, cafes, boutiques and bars, making it an exciting spot to hang out after sunset.
During the day, the town hosts two major markets of Phuket. Every Sunday, Phuket Walking Street attracts throngs of tourists and locals who are keen to shop, eat and explore. While ambling down the beautiful lanes in the Old Town, don’t forget to admire the mural paintings and street art on most old buildings. 


  • Join the cultural extravaganza of the Simon Cabaret Show 

Phuket’s Simon Cabaret Show is sprinkled with a whole lot of glitz, glamour and pixie dust. When you’ve had too much of the beach, the flamboyant set-up and fascinating drama will prove to be your ultimate source of entertainment. The show features an extravagant combination of modern acts, traditional Thai dance and music, and comedy routines performed by Thailand’s famed kathoey (ladyboy) dancers. 

  • Visit the elephant sanctuaries if you’re in the mood to get up close and personal with the majestic, yet friendly creatures, you would have a great time at the elephant sanctuaries in Phuket. These sanctuaries encourage healthy interaction with elephants who have been rescued from local logging and elephant trekking industries. These sanctuaries allow you to have a fun time with elephants without causing any disturbance or harm to them or their habitat. 


  • Island-hopping time! 

Island-hopping is sure to add a lot more charm and adventure to your vacation in Phuket. While some islands are ideal for panoramic landscapes, others offer great opportunities for water sports. Many people also visit these islands to enjoy a few moments of peace and revel in the bustling nightlife and beach parties.
You can also opt for several island-hopping tours which can be customized based on your interests or preferences. Let’s take a look at some of the islands you should not miss out on while you’re in Phuket 


  • James Bond Island: Ever since it was featured in the James Bond movie in 1974, the James Bond Island has seen a lot of tourists and locals. The most striking feature of this island are the abrupt limestone formations on the emerald green waters. In addition to James Bond Island, there are several other islands in the Phang Nga Bay. You can take a speedboat tour which can help you with exploring the caves and canoeing.
  • Phi Phi Island: A cluster of six islands, Koh Phi Phi is one of the most beautiful islands on Andaman Sea. Most day trips or tours involve two main islands-Ko Phi Phi Don and Ko Phi Phi Lee. While the former is a popular tourist hub with a wide variety of restaurants, shops and accommodations, the latter is ideal for an evening of peace and quiet. Phi Phi Lee is an uninhabited island which is famed for its secluded and picturesque Maya Bay.
  • Similan Island: Similan Islands are a group of eleven islands located off the coast of southern Thailand. This island archipelago is one of the best diving and snorkelling sites in Thailand as the massive rock boulders in water form crevices that are thrilling to explore. You can also visit the sunset point and the Similan point while you are here. 
  • Coral Island: Koh Hae, also called the Coral Island is particularly known for its massive coral reefs. The island makes for a perfect place to sit back and unwind amidst the white sand and blue waters. The island is also famous for diving and snorkelling. Don’t forget to hike to the Long Beach and Banana Beach to try some delicious Thai food. 
  • Surin Island: Surin Islands are some of the remotest islands in Phuket. The untouched beauty of this island can be seen underwater too! The clear blue waters are home to exotic marine animals and coral reefs.While scuba diving, you can easily spot yellow mask angelfish and bumphead parrotfish here


  • Dive right into (pun intended!) the Underwater World 

Surrounded by the Andaman Sea, Phuket offers an excellent diving arena if you wish to dive in the underwater world to admire the serene marine life.Diving in Phuket is a completely different experience because of its unique geography. 

Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned diver, there are many scuba diving courses that will give you a brilliant opportunity to learn about the underwater world.  


  • Enjoy snorkelling in the tropical waters of Andaman Sea

    Amongst the top water activities, snorkeling is a recreational activity that almost everyone opts for. The exhilarating water and magical marine life allows you to witness the beauty of the sea filled with textured coral reefs that continuously add a pop of color to the majestic view. Places like the Elephant beach and small islets, including Red Skin and the North Bay island offer great services for snorkeling.


  • Unwind and relax with a soothing Thai massage

A holiday checklist to Thailand is incomplete without an authentic Thai massage.Thai massage or Thai Yoga massage involves use of gentle pressure and stretching, often followed by yoga postures to relax the body. Being an ancient healing technique, originating 7500 years ago, you have to try out these massages! 

  • Eforea Spa: Located in a peaceful setting, Eforea spa offers you a truly private spa with each of its treatment rooms housed in a villa. Whether you prefer to have your treatment in silence or get a couple’s villa, this place is full of choices. Only the finest spa products and herbal remedies are used at this Phuket spa resort, ensuring that your ‘relaxation time’ is in the best hands.
  • Banyan Tree Spa: Sit back and relax with the touch of the therapists who ensure an experience that is worthy enough to define the award winning, Banyan Tree Spa. Featuring a combination of eastern and western massage techniques, meant to improve blood circulation and ease muscle aches, the Royal Banyan never fails to deliver a loved and soothing treatment.
  • Le Spa: There’s more than one reason to indulge in a massage at Le Spa. This place does its best to provide a massage experience that does more than just calming your muscle aches. Revitalizing your soul is a key factor followed here. Whether it is providing respite from the ever-so-frustrating jet lags or relieving fatigue from a busy day, this spa has it all. A tranquil sanctuary, in the heart of Rawai, Phuket, Le Spa offers guests a relaxing treatment in the most elegant and luxurious way possible.
  • De Surin Health Spa: De Surin Health Spa offers one of the most special techniques of massages by professional spa therapists. From professionals to weekend joggers, the services of this spa are famous among all. A few signature treatments include the ‘Sport Massage Therapy’ and ‘De Surin Bamboo Massage’ which replaces  the therapist’s hands with bamboo canes.
  • Mandara Spa: Tranquil and extremely calming, the Mandara Spa at JW Marriott Phuket Resort, provides a full-service beauty salon and several luxurious spa suites. A signature massage here, ‘the four-finger massage’, is an absolute tourist favourite. Exacting the skills of two specially trained therapists working in a rhythmic harmony, this massage is performed using aromatic, essential oils of sandalwood, patchouli and ylang ylang meant to calm the nervous system and relax the muscle tissues.

Explore the floating village of Koh Panyee

Located in the northern corner of Phang Nga Bay near Phuket, this charming fishing village is built on stilts over water, which gives it the nickname of ‘the floating village’. The residents of Koh Panyee are open, warm-hearted and friendly. The villagers are proud of how they live and are eager to share their experiences with tourists. If you’re thinking about adding Koh Panyee to your holiday itinerary, go for it!


  • Immerse in the local flavors of Thailand at these fresh markets


The best way to experience the local life of Thailand is by visiting the fresh markets in Phuket. Thai fresh markets are a melting pot of exotic fruits, vegetables and seafood. You can also find merchandise, DVDs, secondhand goods, handicrafts and brand copies here. The tropical colours of fruits and vegetables attract tourists and locals, alike. 

  • Banzaan Market: Banzaan Market is a modern Thai fresh market on Sai Kor Road in Patong. It is designed by Chinese and western architects and the lay-out is quite chic and contemporary. The market is a very clean place where all the fresh produce like fruits, vegetables, sea food, meat and Thai sweets are laid out neatly. A food court on the second floor serves local delicacies at fair rates. 
  • Central Markets: There are two main markets on Ranong Road in Phuket Old Town. Talad Sod Satarana opens at 5am and displays all types of products like fresh and dry ingredients, food items and clothing.
    The Downtown Market which is located in a small soi (alley) off Ranong Road is one of the oldest fresh markets in Phuket. You can find vegetables, meat, seafood, exotic fruits and condiments here. The market is also a place for  wholesalers who park their trucks right opposite Downtown Inn. 
  • Kata Market: This market is set-up on Kata Road. It is an L-shaped market that is open only on Mondays and Thursdays. This is another great place for fresh produce. One section of Kata Market is also dedicated to clothing, toys, souvenirs, massage oils and artefacts. 
  • Kamala Village Market: Kamala Village Market is held on Wednesdays and Saturdays, at a foothill that separates Kamala from Patong. You can take a peek at the local life in southern Thailand and also savour a wide variety of fresh products here. 
  • CherngTalay Market: You can find the CherngTalay Market right outside the Cherng Talay police station. The market features fresh fruits, vegetables, sea food, poultry and beef. Just like other markets in Southern Thailand, you can also find vendors selling clothing, accessories and artefacts here.

The best way to experience luxury in Phuket? Royal Phuket Marina! As the name suggests, the Royal Phuket Marina is a royal and luxurious lifestyle marina located right next to the Phuket Boat Lagoon in Koh Kaew. With yachts, waterfront villas, penthouses and condominiums, this place is counted among Asia’s premier boating hubs. You can also find shopping facilities amidst landscaped parks and gardens here.



  •  Attend the festivals and fairs at Saphan Hin Park

    Saphan Hin is a multipurpose seaside park in Phuket. The park is the main centre for most of the annual events in Phuket like Loy Krathong, Red Cross Fair and the last day of the Vegetarian Festival. Saphin Hin also has fitness centres, a stadium, jogging tracks, software development centre, food stalls, and a mangrove walkway. With multiple options for entertainment and recreation, this point is a popular picnic spot for families.
  • Plan a trip to Rawai, Home of the Sea GypsiesWhether you are on a budget-friendly vacation or a backpacking trip, Rawai should be on every traveller’s itinerary. You can witness and experience the seaside life of sea gypsies; while some are fishing to make a living, others work as tour guides or sell sea shell souvenirs.
    Phromthep Cape is a famous landmark in Rawai that offers spectacular views of the sunset. Thai kickboxing, island hopping and horseback riding are a few other things to do here.
  • Explore the flora and fauna of national parks

    The national parks in Phuket are home to tropical and virgin rainforests inhabited by exotic wild animals. Here are a few national parks you should definitely visit to spend a few hours amidst the natural beauty of Phuket. 
  • Sirinat National Park: Sirinat National Park is spread over an area of 90 sq km. Nai Yang, Nai Thon and Mai Khao beaches are a part of this national park.  You will also find  a mangrove forest on the northern end where the saltwater swamps host unique ecosystems. A nature trail and 800-metre wooden walkway will take you through the various species of plants and animals inhabited in the park through simple signs and information.
  • Mu Koh Similan National Park: Phuket’s Muk Koh Similan National Park is located on the Similan Islands which is a group of 11 islands in the Andaman Sea. The islands boast picturesque landscapes with white-sand beaches, large granite rocks, thick jungle supporting diverse fauna and flora, and crystal-clear azure waters.
  • Ao Phang Nga National Park: Ao Phang Nga National Park is a 400 km.sq. park that includes 40 different islands. The park has a number of caves that have historical and spiritual significance. So, don’t forget to try out canoeing here.


  • Explore Phuket’s nightlife 

Being the heart of Phuket’s nightlife, Patong surely has some great experiences to offer. A 400m road in Phuket comes to life only when the sun sets. Yes, we’re talking about the Soi Bangla road. Lit up with neon lights, dances, street performances, food and what not! This road is a must visit for all the party lovers out there! 


Things that you can do in Phuket is right here. Whether it’s fine dine or street food, shopping or partying, island hopping or water parks, Phuket in Thailand makes the perfect vacation! Travelling with family, solo or the all-girls trip, Phuket has something for every traveller. Pick your favourites or make a checklist, tick them all off!